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Jail Inmate Telephone Service

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The Fremont Police Department has contracted with Legacy to provide inmates and their family and friends with easy-to-use inmate telephone calling services at affordable rates.


To help the inmates stay connected with the outside world, Legacy provides the following multiple calling options:

  1. Collect Calls - Inmate places a collect call that is accepted and paid for by the party they are calling (e.g. the friends and family members). Note: Inmates CANNOT make collect calls to cell phones, business phones or numbers that are blocked from receiving collect calls.

  2. Prepaid Calls – Prepaid call accounts are set up by the called party (e.g. the inmate’s family/friends.) to eliminate the problem of collect call blocks. When an inmate calls the end user, the call charges are deducted from the called party's prepaid account. To receive prepaid calls, Inmate Family/Friends and others can easily and quickly set up prepaid call account by one of these methods:

    1. Calling Legacy toll-free at 1-888-PAY-4-FAM or 888-729-4326
    2. Legacy Website

For customer service issues regarding inmate telephone services, please contact Legacy at 1-888-729-4326.