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The mission of the School Resource Officer (SRO) unit is to ensure a safe learning environment for students, teachers, and school administrators. This is accomplished by serving as a resource for students, parents, and faculty; by informally counseling students and serving as a mentor; by serving as a positive role model for students; and by enforcing laws on and around school campuses. The SRO works to prevent and solve problems within our schools and foster positive relationships between our community’s youth and law enforcement.

Position Information

The SRO assignment is considered a specialized position and is voluntary. When an opening arises, an officer can submit his/her name for consideration. The officer participates in a testing process, which consists of an oral board and staff review.

Requirements & Benefits

The SRO assignment is three years long with the option of two additional years. SRO's are required to attend school events such as football games and dances. Both the Fremont Unified School District and Fremont Police Department understand the value of this partnership. Many students benefit and form lasting bonds with their SRO because of their presence on campus.