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Accountability FAQs

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  • Accountability: Budget and Finance

    • What is the percentage of the total police budget allocated to address social issues such as homelessness?

    • What percentage of the police budget is allocated to overtime?

    • What percentage of the police budget is allocated to training?

  • Accountability: Calls for Service

    • How many calls for service and reports does the Fremont Police handle each year?

  • Accountability: Campaign Zero

    • Campaign Zero recently issued a Police Scorecard for the largest 100 cities in California. Fremont did not receive a passing grade. What is your reaction to that?

  • Accountability: Community Engagement

    • How can the Police Department and City partner together to start the dialogue between officers patrolling the streets and our diverse community?

    • What has or will FPD do to help heal and build trust in the community? Is there community oversight on FPD practices?

  • Accountability: General

    • Are City resources available for service calls that are non-criminal, e.g. homeless, mental health evaluation, or need for social services?

    • Does Fremont PD still have the Community Oriented Police Problem Solving Program (COPPS)?

    • Does the Fremont Police Department participate in the Military’s 1033 Surplus Program?

    • Has the Fremont PD adopted the #8CANTWAIT initiative?

    • How does the Police Department handle recent protests and communicate with the various protesting groups?

    • What percentage of the police department is sworn vs. non-sworn personnel (professional)? What are some situations that are handled by non-sworn personnel?

  • Accountability: Homelessness/Mobile Evaluation Team (MET)

    • Are there percentages/figures that can be provided about the proportion of mental health calls taken by FPD? Or alternatively the ratio of resources taken up by calls related to homelessness/mental health calls?

    • There are a number of mentally ill homeless in the City potentially posing serious danger to themselves and the public. What are some concrete steps that the City or MET are taking to resolve this issue?

    • When was the Mobile Evaluation Team (MET) founded? How is the unit set up to allow a few individuals to take on such a wide breadth of responsibilities?

  • Accountability: Internal Affairs

    • Does Fremont Police Department have a policy of holding officers accountable for not turning on their body worn cameras?

    • Does the department have a policy on holding officers who stand by and watch a fellow officer use unnecessary force accountable?

    • Is there a system in place for FPD officers to identify problems within their department without fear of backlash?

    • What is the process to investigate police misconduct at the Fremont Police Department?

  • Accountability: Record Retention

    • Did the Fremont Police Department Destroy decades of records that would have been responsive to new requirements under SB1421?

  • Accountability: Recruitment/Personnel

    • What are the minimum qualifications and starting salary of Fremont Police Officers?

    • What is the average number and the maximum number of overtime hours an Officer is allowed to work per week? Is there a way to regulate these hours?

    • When selecting police officers, what are the personal characteristics that you seek to identify and why?

  • Accountability: School Resource Officers (SRO)

    • Approximately $2.5 million dollars is spent on the SRO program in Fremont. Is the entire program funded by FPD?

    • Are SROs trained on topics such as child development, the school to prison pipeline, and implicit bias when it comes to students? How are evaluations conducted on SROs?

    • What kind of feedback has FPD/City of Fremont received from students and staff at local high schools about the SRO program? Is this information available to the public?

  • Accountability: Supplies and Equipment

    • Does the Fremont Police Department use an armored tank? Is the department militarized with such vehicles?

    • Why do Fremont Police officers wear outer vests?

  • Accountability: Use of Force and Training

    • Do Fremont Police Officers receive crisis intervention training?

    • Does Fremont Police train on de-escalation?

    • Does the department have a policy on holding officers who stand by and watch a fellow officer use unnecessary force accountable?

    • Has the Police Department adapted its training to cover the new law on use of deadly force that now uses a "necessary" Standard?

    • What measures besides community complaints does FPD use to assure the diversity and bias training programs are effective?

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