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CFMH Program Phases

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The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program uses a unique three-phase approach that ensures resident friendly techniques will be applied to achieve crime prevention goals. The three components (and final certificate) that make up the program are:

  • Management Training
  • Security Assessment
  • Resident Safety Social
  • Full Certification Status 

All three phases of the program must be met before the property/complex can be certified in the CFMH program. The three phases do not need to be completed in any particular order.

Management Training
Security Assessment
Resident Safety Social

Crime Free LogoFinal Certification 

Once all phases have been completed, the owner/property manager will receive a final certificate. This certificate is valid for one year. After a property is fully certified in the CFMH program, it is necessary for management to host one safety-related crime prevention meeting with the residents each year, to renew their membership. The property may then use the Crime Free logo in their advertisements.


Management can then post the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program signs on the property. It is recommended that one sign be posted at each entrance of the property so perspective residents, current residents, and guests will see them. The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program signs are property of the Fremont Police Department and the usage of the signs can be revoked if management fails to meet the criteria of the program, or management elects to discontinue participation in the program.


A final gold certificate will be issued to the complex, stating that the property managers/owner of the complex has completed all three stages in the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.