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Safe Return for those with Alzheimer's

When someone who is mentally disabled or suffers from Alzheimer’s disease wanders away from their home or care facility, they can easily become lost or disoriented. They may also have difficulty seeking help from others in returning to their home or care facility. This difficulty can be frustrating,
embarrassing, terrifying and in many cases, life threatening. The person’s relatives and care givers may also experience fear and anxiety while their loved one is missing. 

When someone finds a missing person, they need a simple and reliable way to determine who the person is and where they belong. “Safe Return” is a program endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Association and the Fremont Police Department. It is designed to provide a missing person with an identification bracelet that can easily be seen and used by the finder and law enforcement agencies.

Victim & Witness Services

The county offers victim/witness assistance for victims and witnesses of crime.