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Suspicious Activities

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Be Alert

When you see or hear something that may indicate that a criminal act is being committed, don't hesitate. Call the police and stay on the line as long as required to make your report. You might ask what a suspicious person or a suspicious vehicle is. The following information may help you to determine what kind of activity should be reported to the Fremont Police Department.

Suspicious Persons

Persons going door-to-door in a residential area should arouse suspicion if, after a few houses are
visited, one or more of the subjects goes into a back or side yard. This is even more suspicious if one remains in front when this occurs. They are possibly "casing" a house to burglarize, or a burglary is in progress.

Pay attention to the individual who is waiting outside a business establishment when it is closed, or when the owners are absent. He could possibly be a lookout for a burglary in progress.

If you witness someone forcing entry into or tampering with a residence or a vehicle, report this to the police immediately.

Be wary if you see someone carrying property at an unusual hour or in an unusual place, particularly if it does not appear to have just been purchased. The subject may be leaving the scene of a robbery, burglary, or theft.

Too much pedestrian traffic to and from a residence may be significant if it occurs on a daily or regular basis, especially during late or unusual hours. There may be narcotics activities occurring or it may be a "fencing" operation.

Suspicious Vehicles

Certain parked, occupied vehicles may be especially significant if observed at an unoccupied residence in your neighborhood, particularly at unusual hours. The occupant(s) may be a lookout for a burglary or robbery in progress. Don't be fooled if the occupants appear to be lovers.

Be alert for slow-moving vehicles without lights, driving aimlessly or repetitively. This is suspicious in any location, but particularly in the areas of schools, parks, or playgrounds. The vehicle may be driven by a burglar, robber, drug pusher, or a sex offender.

Vehicles being loaded with valuables when parked in front of a closed business or near an unattended residence, even if the vehicle is a legitimate-looking commercial vehicle, should be reported to the police. Let the Police Communications Dispatcher determine whether a Police Officer should be dispatched to the location to determine if the occupants of the vehicle have a valid reason for being in the area. Police need all the help they can get to identify offenders. Don't worry about "bothering" them, and don't be embarrassed if your suspicions prove unfounded.

Report suspicious activities by Calling (510) 790-6800. In case of a crime in progress or an emergency, call 911.

When contacting the police, note:

  • Auto Description Guide
    • Make
    • Year
    • Color
    • Body Style (doors)
    • License Plate Number
    • Outstanding Features
    • Front and Back:
      • Number of headlights/tail-lights
      • Shape of lights
    • Which way did the vehicle go?
    • How many suspects are in the car?  Whose driving?
  • Description of Suspect
    • sex, race, age, hair length/color, glasses (type), tattoos/scars/marks/facial hair
    • Height, weight, complexion
    • Additional Detailed Facial Appearance:
      • Hair color, style, length
      • Hair texture
      • Eyebrow shape, eye color
      • Sideburns, wrinkles
      • Ear shape and size
      • Nose shape
      • Cheeks (full or sunken)
      • Mouth and Lips
      • Bread/Mustache
      • Chin Clefts
      • Next and Adam's Apple
    • What did the suspect say?
    • What did the suspect do?
    • What way did the suspect go?