Important Notice on City of Fremont Facilities Closure

In an effort to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), City of Fremont facilities, including the lobby of the Police Department, the Detention Facility, and the Tri-City Animal Shelter, are currently closed to public visitors. During the temporary closure Fremont Police and Fire will continue to provide essential public safety services.  For more information, please refer to our web page on coronavirus (COVID-19) here

Rental Scam Tips for Property Owners & Renters

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Tips for Property Owners

There are simple, steps you can take as a landlord to help identify red flags. The following tips could help you protect your investment:

  • Consider using a broker/management service to conduct rental screenings and deal directly with the tenants.
  • Run a credit and background check on potential tenants. Be cautious accepting a pre-printed credit report provided by the applicant, these can be easily counterfeited. Most landlords have the prospective tenant consent to a standard rental background screening (about $35), which
    typically includes a credit check, eviction and court records, and other information. Most landlords utilize a screening service to perform this check Be cautious accepting a pre-printed credit report provided by the potential tenant, these can easily be counterfeited.
  • Verify the identify of the individual you are renting to. You can request an official identification like a driver license or ID. Photo copies can be counterfeited, so ask to see their official ID.
  • Verify your tenant's employment: ask for copies of pay stubs, and contact their employer to confirm their employment and salary as stated.
  • Ask potential tenants for references and follow up by checking them.

Tips for Prospective Renters

Paying attention to red flags is key to safe-guarding potential trouble. The following tips could help you protect your money and time:

  • Meet the landlord in person: Though some scammers will readily meet tenants in person, many, especially those operating from over-seas, will not. A personal meeting with the landlord will allow you to screen out some con artists.
  • Be wary of a landlord who asks you to wire funds or pay in cash: Checks and cashier checks are returned to your bank with account information of the person who cashed it.
  • Always obtain a written lease and read it carefully before signing it.
  • Never rent sight-unseen: Viewing an apartment/home helps prevent fraud and also ensures that the tenant is aware of the condition of the unit.
  • Conduct basic research: Use Google or another search engine to look up the address, landlord’s name and name of the management company.
  • Be aware of market rates: a rental with a deal that is simply “too good to be true” should be very suspicious.
  • Be aware of high-pressure tactics: Landlords who are not interested in a potential tenant’s background, don’t ask for a credit check, require upfront payments before any lease is signed or someone offering a sublease without proper authority could be signs of a scam.